3 most common mistakes people make when they try to lose weight with hypothyroidism

hypothyroidism weight loss weightloss tips Aug 13, 2021
3 most common mistakes people make when they try to lose weight with hypothyroidism

Losing weight with hypothyroidism can be a minefield at the best of times. But what I see so many doing is making these three big mistakes when trying to lose weight.

1. Exercising like a maniac.

Going crazy with exercising only aggravates your adrenal fatigue (or could bring it on) so please don’t do that. There really are very few calories you can actually burn off in the time we get each day to exercise. What is a lot better for your body and mind is walking, yoga or pilates. This is easy on our joints and still helps maintain muscle mass which is important as we age.

2. Not eating enough protein.

We need protein to maintain our muscle mass. The more muscle mass we have the higher our metabolic rate is (the more calories we burn on any given day). The higher our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) the easier it is for us to maintain or lose weight. Your BMR is calculated using your age, height, and weight, you can use a calculator like this one. Protein also helps us not get hungry as quickly. By just eating carbohydrates we get hungrier sooner. Often I see clients and students who are having “hungry” days - and what we find is that they did not eat enough protein the day before - this is very common.

3. Not drinking enough water

Another common mistake. Water helps flush out fat cells from our body - or in fact the toxins stored in our fat cells. Water hydrates our bowel. We can store up to 7 kgs (15lbs) of waste in our bowel at any one time so the more we hydrate ourselves the more we eliminate the waste in a timely fashion. Water feeds our cells and without it, we would die - so keep up your water intake every day (water in coffee does not count sorry). You can have it hot with lemon in winter or cool in summer. I use alkaline Kangen water because it’s also ionized and so so good for my body. If you’d like more information on that check out this page on my website on Kangen Water.

I was once on a plateau for about 2 weeks and I simply doubled my water and 1kg (2.3lbs) came off overnight.


make a promise to yourself to monitor these three things this week and I bet you will notice a big difference.
Let me know what you think you will start with today, and then what you will add in tomorrow.

By adding enough protein, more water, and the right exercise you will definitely notice positive improvements in your weight loss.

Even with hypothyroidism. 

Vicki xx 💗

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