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With a new weekly easy to make delicious thyroid friendly recipe you'll begin to build up a treasure chest of food guides and recipes that will not only give you more energy but will not set your thyroid off on a tangent!

PLUS you'll get bite size, actionable and achievable steps each week so nothing feels too daunting. 

  • Bite size pieces of information each week with proven ways to stay on top of your energy
  • Improve your sleep and life even with an under-active thyroid with weekly action steps to help with healing
  • A Brand New Exclusive Easy to Make and Delicious Thyroid Friendly recipe each and every week
  • Each month extra dinner recipes so you'll never get bored or go off track
  • Weekly Tips & Exclusive Content for those with under-active thyroid and or Hashimoto's from me
  • Make weekly progress that counts with Achievable step by step actions to implement
  • Gentle Workout Options (optional)
  • Motivation & Q&A Community with me, Vicki from Healing with Hashimoto's (without getting tracked by Facebook)
  • Mindful Breathing Guide
  • Holiday Recipes that taste fantastic but won't ruin all your hard work
  • Throughout the year we'll have a 5 Day Energy Challenge, a Sugar Detox and a Gut Healing Week to keep you focussed on track.
  • Thyroid Friendly But Simple Recipe Vault (Snacks, Mains, Sweets, Staples)
  • My Amazing Gut Healing Meal Plan to get you started feeling great quickly
  • Regular & Helpful Videos from me with practical ways to improve your Thyroid Health and Energy
  • All this is much much more..
  • Join me and start to learn the steps I took to get my life back, even with Hashimoto's - and how you can easily implement

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There is some game-changing info inside the Membership, that if you follow, can truly make a HUGE difference in your life! 

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  • A New Thyroid Friendly Delicious & Easy Recipe every week
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  • Gut Healing Meal Plan
  • Q&A Access to Vicki (no Facebook required)
  • Loads of Easy Thyroid Friendly Recipes from the Vault
  • Regular Sugar Detox, Gut Healing and Energy Challenges throughout the year
  • Tips on feeling better every week
  • Helpful step by step videos monthly
Join Now - Your Body Will Thank You

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Join Now - Your Body Will Thank You

Who am I?

I'm Vicki, an almond latte loving, wellness coach, author and online educator.
I've been through my own 12-year Hypothyroidism healing journey and now I help other women get their life back too

I heard from hundreds of woman just like you, who found the price of getting better overwhelming - not to mention the steps even more so - so I created an easy step by step monthly support group with small bite size pieces, so you can make small steps every day towards getting your life and energy back just like I did. 

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Join Now - Your Body Will Thank You ๐Ÿ™Œ