Shopping for Clean ingredients does not have to be a nightmare

I have some favourites I use almost daily

Since I live in New Zealand there's not a lot of point in me sharing my favourite low carb and keto or paleo brands but what I have done is scoured online stores to find some in USA since that's basically Amazon. I have found some amazing organic and free-range (pastured) farms too!

Then hopefully you can buy something similar or from Amazon where you live. Whenever I am in America I buy whatever I can to try too!

Free range egg photo by Asim Z Kodappana

Appliances I can't live without

Instant Pot on Amazon - I finally gave in and got one of these and it's been so handy. I use it for bone broth, pulled pork, konjac noodles, and for heating up leftovers. 

Almond Cow (Nut Mylk made easy) $10 off

Breville Food Processor

Vitamix Blender

Sauces and Condiments (Sugar-free, Gluten-Free)

It's important to find sauces that have no Gluten, MSG or Sugar. 

I use Coconut Aminos on a daily basis almost

Tamari is wheat-free soy sauce

Red Boat Fish Sauce is Sugar-Free

Free Range (Pasture-Raised Meat)

  • Perdue Farms for free-range meat and organic chicken - this is a family farm and they strive to be as Eco friendly as possible while the animals live a good life in the sunshine. 

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Satisfy your cravings with guilt-free Keto Cocoa made with MCTs. 


  • Key Nutrients have Keto approved MCT oil, collagen and Keto Coffee Creamer plus Keto Hot Chocolate and Cocoa - a family run business in Arizona

Bone Broth without the additives

Konjac Noodles

  • These are such a good noodle or spaghetti replacement  - with ZERO carbs. KissmyKeto stocks these. I use the rice version too! Meal prep hint - cook these in your Instant Pot with some Tamari then add meal leftovers and cook on Keep Warm setting for 15 minutes - voila - dinner without nuking it in the microwave.

Ketone Test Strips

  • The best time to test your ketones is just before dinner. You can get a blood meter too but I find these strips work well. They are affected badly by moisture though so keep them somewhere dry (like not in the bathroom).

Vitamix Blender

  • This is the best blender to make your Fat Black Coffee in (that's black coffee blended with Coconut oil - delicious!!) - once I got one of these babies there was no turning back with melting lids etc. Great for smoothies too!

Almond Cow

  • Get rid of those messy nut milk bags - this you will LOVE my friend. I use it every day to make my Almond Milk for my coffee and granola. It's called an Almond Cow!

Good Keto Food means no additives and no crap!

Kiss My Keto has got this right and has some delicious snacks, baking and even zero carb bread! Use my hashimotos coupon code for 15% off. 

Ionised and Alkaline Water

I have had my K8 Kangen Water machine now for two years and I love it - you are doing the planet a favour - no more plastic bottles (and your body) but to have the alkaline and ionisation is so cool. 

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Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my recommendations. I will only add a link to a product I either already use and love or know it meets the standards for my Food Protocol. Thanks for your continued support. ~ Vicki

Low Carb Baking & Sweeteners

Organic Erythritol Sweetener is my favourite - no after taste and you use it just like sugar (spoon for spoon) it dissolves in coconut cream without heating for Chia Pudding too!


Having a decaf toxic-free and mold-free coffee is really important. Especially if you have hypothyroidism.  I love the BulletProof brand as they are always testing for toxins and mold. 

For your one Caffeine coffee a day go for Bullet Proof coffee also. I like to grind the beans fresh daily. 

Clean Eating Low Carb Keto Cooking

Coconut Aminos is my go-to instead of soy sauce which normally has wheat in it! 

This sugar free hot sauce is a good addition to my homemade mayonnaise for a nice spicy sauce. 

Sugar-Free Ketchup (who would have thought ketchup would have sugar but it does!)