The “Must Have” Checklist to Match your Hashimoto's Symptoms to Conditions You Can Fix!

You may not know it but there are other things causing your exhaustion! You may have three different conditions that are actually causing your brain fog, extreme tiredness and joint pain and that damn weight gain we hate!

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  • A quiz to assess your symptoms and to see which of those link to three other different conditions - and what you can do about it
  • Some Simple Action Steps to gaining more energy
  • Plus my amazing and simple Bone Broth recipe to get you started on your Healing Journey

Hey there! I'm Vicki Kenny... 

I live in New Zealand and I'm Mum to four horses and wife to my gorgeous hubby. I love helping other women suffering with Hashimoto's feel better, but in less time than my own journey.

I spent 12 years getting to the bottom of my Hashimoto's symptoms and figured out exactly what worked and what didn't. Funnily enough, by fixing three three common conditions - 95% of my symptoms disappeared. 

You'll also receive details of my new Book - Healing with Hashimoto's 

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The choices you make today will affect your future self. I want to help 10,000 women suffering with Hashimoto’s lead the lives they were meant to lead without the debilitating symptoms. 🦋 I want to inspire women suffering from Hashimoto’s and Underactive thyroid to finally find a way of living that helps them feel better for the first time in a long time so they can start living the life they deserve making the most of every day.💗

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