I was that person - that needed three coffees to feel awake. 

book brain fog coffee energy gluten free hashimoto's hypothyroidism joint pain my journey Apr 28, 2021
Coffee was the only thing that kept me awake

And that still didn’t happen till mid-afternoon.

If I didn’t have to get up for any reason like work you would have been hard-pressed to get me out of bed before 11 am. 

After I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's I thought the medication would help. 

I realised being tired ALL THE TIME and having brain fog all morning (at least) was a symptom of an underactive thyroid (along with about 50 others).

But it didn’t help. I remained tired. I still had brain fog. Some days I could not get myself motivated enough to ride my horses even on the most perfect blue sky and no wind riding day! 

It was depressing. 

The Doctors didn’t have any good suggestions except give up gluten (been there done that already). 

Slowly I started putting everything I learned into action. I monitored the results and ditched the stuff that didn’t get me an improvement. 

It took 12 years of learning but I did turn things around. 

My joint pain disappeared. I stopped feeling ‘old’ after sitting in a  chair for 20 minutes and feeling so stiff when trying to get up. 

My three-day monthly migraines cleared up (thank goodness) and the brain fog lifted.

My energy also returned – I didn’t remember waking up as early as I do now naturally in my adult life – maybe when I was a kid…. 

It’s fantastic. I love it!! I get so much more done every day. 

How did I do it?

Well, I wrote a book! 

If you’d like to learn more about my story so that you can achieve what I did in less time than me you can buy my Book Healing With Hashimotos here

I’d love to help others get to where I am today in less time than I did. 

Because we deserve to feel the best we can. 

Vicki xx


Photo by Magda Fou on Unsplash

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