I have a confession

confessions gluten free May 27, 2021
Gluten Confessions

“I have a confession...”

I’m not perfect. 

I’m just like you. 

I still like gluten and it still has a pull sometimes.

If I have biscuits (cookies) in the house I know I will eat the whole packet - so guess what - I don’t allow them in the house!

I know my weaknesses.


For some reason I really like crunchy.

That’s the one thing when you are gluten-free that you don’t get to have anymore - crunchy

Crunchy bread crusts, crunchy biscuits - you know what I mean. 

But being allergic to gluten and having an autoimmune disease means I need to steer clear of gluten.

We know we need to right!

We know gluten aggravates our gut and can cause leaky-gut to rear it’s stinky head again. I don’t want to go back there. 

But now that I have healed my leaky gut, I don’t worry tooooo much if I do have some gluten. I know my system can handle a tiny bit of gluten every now and again. I am not celiac.

I remember being on a flight from America to New Zealand and I was in business class. I find it really hard to find good food in America when I am traveling, so I had a bit of a craving for food from home, and I was hungry when they served the meal.

Out came the beef burger with a brioche bun and I couldn’t resist!

And it was delicious. I even ate the cheese on the patty and I’m allergic to cheese!!

Did I regret it?

Well, I don’t like to regret things - I just enjoyed it - I had a bit of a mucous overload for a couple of days from the dairy but I coped with the gluten ok!

The reason is that I don’t eat it all the time so once a year or whatever is not a big deal. It’s not like having it every day. 

So don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy the process of healing and if you mess up - just start over the next day.

It’s ok! 

The best way to handle the next day is to practice Intermittent Fasting. This gives your body a fighting chance to start repairing any potential damage and digestive issues. So stop eating at around 7pm and don't eat till noon the next day. It's major cell repair time. I actually do this most days anyway. 

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